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» Facebook VS. Recruiters from Marketing | Executive Search for Ecommerce
Gavin Heaton at MarketingProf's has an excellent post called Who Owns You? today regarding the Facebook situation, and I felt like my response to John Whiteside's thoughtful question needed to appear here as well ... JOHN: What's interesting about this [Read More]

» Does Facebook want grown-ups? from The Net-Savvy Executive
Pop quiz: Is Facebook the new place to build your professional network and interact with your business contacts? social-networks/">Robert Scoble says yes. Scott Karp says no. And although Robert has the larger audience, Facebook's reaction to one recru... [Read More]

» Another Cautionary Tale About Facebook from IrishEyes aka topgold
DO NOT PUT all your eggs in one basket. My grandmother could say that because she dropped her shopping on the way home from the market twice when I was knee-high. I carried the eggs as a five-year-old on many occasions. Today, we have some eggs on thei... [Read More]


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